DICE CON 2023:Bringing Board Games to New Horizons

The time has come for 2023, and we can finally go out and embrace the world without any burdens. From August 25th to 27th, the poster of Beijing International Board Game Exhibition reappeared at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center two years later, and DICE CON 2023 was successfully held.


After experiencing the impact of an uncontrollable force last year, the 7th DICE CON has distinctively chosen "connection" as its theme this year. In this scorching summer, we try to reconnect the divided world through tabletop games. Players from different corners of the world come together here, and long-lost friends reunite. The exhibition also attracted many foreign friends residing in Beijing. The total attendance over the three-day event reached nearly 30,000, and the on-site transaction amount exceeded 6 million.


This year's exhibition is still held at Hall 11, and compared to 2021, the utilization rate of the venue is higher. The 13,000 square meters of space in Hall 11 are allocated to various exhibitors in an organized manner.


DICE CON naturally features a number of "familiar faces", namely the traditional tabletop game manufacturers who have been long-time supporters and exhibitors. After a two-year absence, the enthusiasm of the players is soaring, and the demo areas of major exhibitors were almost never idle during the three-day event. The debut releases from vendors such as Aici Magic and others were sold out early.


The highly acclaimed Golden Dice Awards, DICE KIDS children's area, and live streaming, which have received rave reviews in previous years, have expanded the boundaries of DICE CON. Age, time, and space are no longer limitations for participating in the tabletop gaming extravaganza.


In the independent game exhibition area and Golden Dice Awards area, what stands out the most is the variety of recyclable paper displays. Not only do they embody the concept of sustainable development, but their three-dimensional puzzle-like structures also provide great enjoyment when assembling them. This can be seen as a form of tabletop game as well.


In addition, the participation of manufacturers such as HOPES and Da Wan Jia, the presence of the unread publishing industry and the Future Affairs Management Bureau in the science fiction field, represent more possibilities for expanding the tabletop game market. Designing tabletop games is not a solitary process, and playing tabletop games is not confined to a specific group. The correct path for the thriving development of the tabletop game industry lies in incorporating more elements from various sources and promoting it in various directions.


This year, DICE CON showcased many new faces, demonstrating that the tabletop game industry still possesses endless vitality. Tabletop games have the ability to connect people in numerous ways. While DICE CON may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, we are committed to steadily guiding tabletop games to reach even further and touch more people's lives.