Educational Institution Customization

Kylin has 30 years of experience in customizing Board Game. 
We customize teaching tools for primary/secondary schools/universities and training institutions. You can also choose a variety of ready-made teaching tools that we have developed, and print the logo of the school or institution on them.


As a manufacturer of board games, there are several products and services we can offer to educational and scientific research institutions. 

1. Educational Board Games
We create educational board games that are specifically designed to teach concepts in science, math, history, or other subject areas. These games can be used in classrooms or other educational settings to make learning more engaging and fun for students.

2. Customized Board Games
We can also create customized board games for educational institutions based on your specific needs and requirements. For example, we can create a game that focuses on a specific scientific concept or historical event that is relevant to the curriculum being taught.

3. Research and Development
We offer your services to educational institutions to help you design and develop games that are specific to your needs. This can involve working with educators and researchers to identify key learning objectives and then designing games that align with those objectives.

4. Game-Based Learning Platforms
We create a game-based learning platform that allows educators and students to access educational games online. This can include games developed by your company as well as other educational games from around the world.

5. Game-Based Assessments
We also create game-based assessments that allow educators to measure student learning outcomes in a more engaging and interactive way. These assessments can be used to measure knowledge and skills in a variety of subject areas.