Since 1995, as a licensed, direct and professional manufacturer in China, Kylin Manufactory has become one of the leading companies in the industry. 

OEM/ODM manufacturer and exporter specializing in producing board games, card games, playing cards, game components, packaging boxes, and accessories.

We produce game and create joy. We have helped 1000+ companies and individuals to make their board games come to life.

Kylin Manufactory

We do all the printed components such as the game boards, cards, rulebooks, and punch out tokens. 
We also make other game accessories, like the plastic 3D miniatures, metal coins, plastic dices, wooden meeples, cloth bags and so on. 
We are flexible on sourcing all kinds of special extensions for your game.

Game Components

We promise full production quality and responsible for all products. 
We have a professional QA team to give the best suggestions in the quote stage, so as to avoid any risks on the quality issue. 
Quality is controlled in every process from the raw material to online production and final packaging inspection.
All the materials used are recycled and environmental – friendly

Quality Control

Doing business is that easy with us – You order, we make and ship to your customers.
Design for you – only need your idea, we send drafts, final design and typing set for your confirmation.
We make sustainable and eco-friendly games – All the materials used are with FSC and GOTS certified. 

Why Us