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  • "The title of the world's number one board game has finally changed hands! Perhaps only temporarily?"

    Will the event that we have experienced in the past few days really come to an end today? In that case, let's start by reviewing the sequence of events based on the current situation...In 2018, Roxley...

  • The sense of freedom created by the board game "imbalance" is unforgettable for me

    Numeric planning is also known as game balance designer. Mainly responsible for the rules and system design of game balance, including AI, levels, etc. Except for the plot, the content requires numeri...

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Since 1995, as a licensed, direct and professional manufacturer in China, Kylin Manufactory has become one of the leading companies in the industry. OEM/ODM manufacturer and exporter specializing in producing board games, card games, playing cards, game components, packaging boxes, and accessories.


We produce game and create joy. We have helped 1000+ companies and individuals to make their board games come to life.

Board Game Production Services


We have a well - trained and experienced team, who can help you have a better understanding of the technical requirements for your game, and can also help to select the right material with the best competitive price.


After consulting, we can properly define your game requirements, and our team will provide a detailed quotation sheet, including the unit price, full specification of your game and the estimated shipping cost to your address.

Designed files checking & Sampling

We have a designer team. So we can give you our suggestion and help to make the best printed product. We can make white (without printing) sample for quality check. We can also make a finished set of board game sample.


We will keep you updated about the production progress. As soon as the production is finished, we will send you the production photos or MPC for checking.

QC and shipping

We have our own QC team, can check the quality during and after producing. And will check again before the cargo shipped. We will arrange shipment after clients are satisfied with the cargo.

We are here to assist, suggest and help you with anything

you need and may need.