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Why Does Crowdfunding Board Games and Card Games Need Resources?

Crowdfunding board games and card games requires substantial resources for several reasons, as the process is considerably more complex than self-funding. Here's an in-depth look at why this is the case:

Complex Campaign Design

Crowdfunding tabletop games campaigns necessitate careful planning and multiple iterations. Specifically, you need to:

a. Pledge Levels: 

Create different tiers of support, each offering varied rewards to attract a wide range of kickstarter boardgame backers.

b. Stretch Goals:

Plan additional features or components that will be added to the game if funding exceeds certain thresholds, which can motivate more kickstarter boardgame backers to contribute.

c. Add-Ons:

Develop optional extras that kickstarter tabletop games backers can purchase to enhance their game experience.
Due to these complexities, a typical crowdfunding project might require 20-30 revisions and tweaks to its quotation sheet compared to the 3-5 revisions for a self-funded project. This process involves significant back-and-forth with board game manufacturers and board game designers to ensure all elements are feasible and cost-effective.

Marketing and Promotion

Unlike self-funded projects, Crowdfunding tabletop games campaigns need to generate interest and commitment before the custom board game is even finalized. This requires:

a. Prototypes: 

Creating high-quality prototypes to showcase to potential kickstarter boardgame backers.

b. Marketing Campaigns:

Engaging in pre-launch marketing efforts including social media campaigns, email newsletters, and promotional videos.

c. Press and Reviews:

Securing reviews and features from board game influencers and media outlets to build credibility and excitement.
These efforts involve not just financial investment but also time and expertise in marketing and public relations.

Fulfillment Logistics

For self-funded games, distribution typically happens gradually through stores and warehouses. However, crowdfunding campaigns require a comprehensive fulfillment strategy to deliver all pledged rewards simultaneously:

a. Bulk Manufacturing:

Coordinating with board game manufacturers to produce large quantities of the game once the campaign is successfully funded.

b. Shipping: 

Managing the logistics of shipping cuatogames to kickstarter tabletop games backers worldwide, which includes dealing with customs, tariffs, and varying shipping costs.

c. Backer Communication:

Keeping backers informed about production and shipping timelines to maintain trust and manage expectations.
This all-at-once fulfillment approach necessitates a detailed and efficient logistical plan to handle potentially thousands of individual orders.

Project Management

Crowdfunding is a lengthy and resource-intensive process. From the initial concept to the final delivery, it involves:

a. Planning:

Detailed upfront planning to outline the campaign’s structure and goals.

b. Execution:

Managing the live campaign, which includes responding to kickstarter tabletop games backer inquiries, adjusting strategies based on feedback, and maintaining momentum.

c. Post-Campaign:

Handling post-campaign tasks such as finalizing game production, ensuring quality control, and overseeing the fulfillment process.
Given the stakes, it is crucial to be on the right track from the start. Missteps can result in delays, increased costs, and dissatisfied backers, which can harm both the current project and any future campaigns.

Crowdfunding board games and card games is resource-intensive due to the need for intricate campaign planning, extensive marketing efforts, comprehensive fulfillment logistics, and rigorous project management. Each of these elements requires significant time, effort, and financial resources to execute successfully, making the process much more demanding than traditional self-funding methods.

How Does Kylin Help with Improving the Process?

Crowdfunding board game Kickstarter requires a specialized set of resources and knowledge. To help you with the process of board game Crowdfunding Kylin have developed multiple resources to ensure you have all the information and tools needed to succeed in the crowdfunding processHere’s a tailored list of resources and tools Kylin can provide to ensure the success of board game crowdfunding campaigns:

Pre-Launch Preparation

Concept Development Guides:

Detailed guides on developing and refining game concepts, themes, and mechanics.

Prototyping Resources:

Recommendations for prototype creation, including services for 3D printing and custom game pieces.

Market Research Tools:

Tools and resources to help creators research their target market, analyze competitors, and identify unique selling points.

Budgeting Templates:

Comprehensive templates to help estimate costs for production, shipping, marketing, and contingencies.

Getting Your Price Structure Right

Low MOQ for Crowdfunding Prototypes

Starting from one piece

Many game publishers of crowdfunding platforms need to have samples so they can give reviews and market their games. Use our automated sample-making process to get high-quality samples to share and create a buzz around.If you are looking for a high-quality low quantity game production, we highly recommend kylingm

Component Cost Simulator

We have aggregated all the different available components, with the most cost effective sizes, so you can check the prices to any type of component all by yourself at kylingm.All the price are industry averages, and you can use them to generate numerous quotations and revisions, all by yourself without any communicative delay.Simply contact us before you launch to confirm the final price of your game.

The ultimate guide for how to choose components

Avoid the pitfalls of offering addons and stretch goals that are too expensive, difficult to manufacture, or impossible to fulfill. Make sure you can actually deliver on your promises.
Many Crowdfunding creators promise too much and then get delayed or end up losing money.

Fulfillment and Shipping Calculator

Do you find shipping and fulfillment a challenge? Do you need a simple system that tells you the safe prices you can offer on your KS page?
Enter the size of your game box to get a quote for product postage for your global event.

Campaign Creation 

How to construct your Kickstarter page to ensure it converts as many backers as possible

Do you want to know how the top 100 KS pages constructed and laid out their page?we have aggregated all the information and found a clear pathway anyone can follow and implement.Get a clear list of sections you should include on your KS page to maximize conversion.

Campaign Page Templates:

Professionally designed templates for campaign pages, including layout suggestions, essential sections, and visual elements.

Visual and Video Production:

Tutorials and resources for creating high-quality videos and images, including storyboarding, filming, and editing tips.

Storytelling Guides:

Tips and examples on how to craft a compelling narrative for the game’s development and its backstory.

Reward Structuring Tools:

Tools to help design and price reward tiers, including stretch goals and exclusive content for backers.

Marketing and Promotion

Social Media Strategy Guides:

Step-by-step guides on how to effectively use social media platforms to build an audience and engage potential backers.

Email Marketing Templates:

Templates and strategies for building and utilizing an email list to keep potential backers informed and engaged.

Press Release Templates:

Templates for crafting press releases to gain media coverage, including a list of relevant media outlets and bloggers.

Influencer and Reviewer Outreach:

Lists of board game influencers, reviewers, and content creators, along with outreach templates.In this list we have gathered over 100 different reviewers contact details and data so you can simply scroll through it and find those that align most perfectly with your game theme and feel.

The Ultimate Kickstarter Marketing Course for Games:

This course is a first of its kind course, developed by the crowdfunding nerds , a group of marketing professionals who happen to be enthusiastic game designers and creators. In their course you will learn how to fund on day one, and keep the momentum going.

During the Campaign

Progress Tracking Tools:

Dashboards and tools to monitor campaign performance and engagement metrics in real-time.

Backer Engagement Tips:

Strategies for maintaining communication with backers, including updates, surveys, and feedback loops.

Crisis Management Guides:

Resources for handling common issues that arise during campaigns, such as delays, negative feedback, and logistical challenges.

Post-Campaign Support

Production and Fulfillment Guides:

Detailed guides on working with manufacturers, managing production timelines, and handling shipping logistics.

Backer Communication Plans:

Templates and strategies for keeping backers informed throughout the production and delivery process.

Post-Campaign Marketing:

Resources for continuing to market the game post-campaign, including selling through additional channels and expanding the game’s reach.

Community and Networking

Online Community Platforms:

Access to forums or online groups where creators can share experiences, ask questions, and offer support.

Mentorship Programs:

Opportunities for new creators to connect with experienced board game designers and successful campaign runners for advice and mentorship.

Webinars and Q&A Sessions:

Regular webinars and live Q&A sessions with experts in the board game industry and successful crowdfunding campaigners.

By offering these specialized resources for Board Game Kickstarter, Kylin can greatly enhance the chances of success for board game creators looking to crowdfund their projects. This comprehensive support will help creators navigate the complex process of bringing a board game from concept to reality.

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