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If you already have design drawings: please send them to our in Ai or PDF format.

Part 2. Custom parameter confirmation

✔ Please help to complete the Custom Information Checklist to ensure that our service personnel can quickly understand your customization needs

New Customer Order Help Center

Part 1. Timeline and Process for Creating a Board Game

✔ Our service staff will reply to your request email within 24 hours
✔ Based on our professional knowledge, we will confirm the design layout and provide modification suggestions within 3 days
✔ Relying on our fast and agile supply chain, we will complete the sample production within 7 days after receiving the deposit
✔ After confirming the sample, we will arrange to complete the product production within 30 days
✔ Europe and America :
1)The general logistics delivery cycle of sea freight is 30 days
2)The general lead time for express shipping is 7 days

✔ South East Asia:The general logistics delivery cycle is 15 days
✔ After payment ,the order can be delivered to the customer within 4 weeks at the fastest
✔ In order to ensure that the goods are received on time during the period of use, Kylin recommends that you start the project 60 days in advance

Other Processes:

✔ To create a sample, please send us all necessary files and cover the sample cost
✔ We will send the printing proofs for review within three days of receiving the sample order and files.
✔ Upon approval of the proofs, the sample will take 7 -10days to complete
✔ Once finished, we will send photos for your review before shipping.
✔ The sample shipping will take approximately 10 days.
✔ If you are satisfied with the sample and wish to place a bulk order, please make the necessary deposit.
✔ The production will take approximately 30 days and sea shipping will take 45 days.
✔ If changes to the sample are desired, simply send us the updated files, and we will send updated proofs before production to ensure accuracy.

✔ Upon completion of the production, we will send photos and a video for approval before shipping. If requested, we can also send a production sample for review
✔ Once everything is confirmed and approved for shipment, we will send the goods and provide a tracking number.

Part 3. Value-added Services that Kylin can Provide

1. Board game design
Our professional design team is here to bring your ideas to life. For instance, we can provide you with templates for the box, board, cards, rulebook, and so on, where you can insert your own design. If you have a rough idea, you can send it to us and we will assist with the design process.

Minimum order quantity
We can provide one piece minimum order service for new partners to meet their production and procurement needs, and provide some discounts and benefits to encourage more orders.

2. Game picture shooting
We have a professional e-commerce photography team that can help you take photos of board games. You just need to tell us which platform your products and photos are used on, such as Amazon, kickstarte、Indiegogo、Other crowdfunding platforms、independent station, etc.

3. Game packaging design
Our professional team can help you design and modify board game packaging, including the interior tray design, and how to better display and display games and accessories.

4. Rush orders and drop shipping service
Rush ordersWe offer a rush order option,, the normal production time is 30 days, and the expedited order is 20 days. The logistics time is generally 30 days, urgent is 15 days, and express is 5 days.

Drop shipping service:We can send your board game products on behalf of you, and directly mail the products to your customers through international logistics to ensure that they receive the products within the specified time.

5. Other services
a. Online Digital Marketing ServicesWe provide SEO and SEM services for the online promotion of Board game to help you
get more online sales orders through digital marketing.

b. New partner training support plan

Free samples
We will provide sample production and cost support for new partners. If customers choose to place an order in bulk, the sample fee can be deducted, which will make it easier for new partners to understand our products and services.

Crowdfunding support
If the customer chooses to sell products through crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter and Indiegogo, we can provide special services, such as free proofing of Kylin mentioned on the crowdfunding platform, crowdfunding promotion support, product design, Photo shooting, packaging improvement, and a drop shipping service, etc.

c. Flexible payment options for partnersWe provide a variety of payment options, including deposit and final payment, to provide more convenience for partners' payment.