Parts Procurement

When choose a accessories procurement partner, it's important to ensure that products are compatible with your games and of high quality. Kylin has served more than 50+ printing factories from Mexico/USA/Germany and other customers who specialize in selling game accessories.

Kylin has 4 self-owned factories and more than 30 fixed cooperative factories, which can provide customers with 1000+ accessories procurement options.We work with reputable accessory manufacturers to ensure we meet our customers' expectations.

We provide accessories of various materials and styles , customers do not need to go to different factories to purchase, and the delivery cycle of accessories can be shortened to less than 2 weeks. kylin provides free packaging, which is divided into small bags and small bags according to your requirements. No need to repackage, get the accessories and use them directly in the box.

Dice and game pieces
Many board games require specialized dice or game pieces. Kylin offer a wide selection of dice and game pieces in different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your customers' game needs.

Card sleeves
Card sleeves are protective covers that fit over game cards to prevent them from getting dirty, bent, or marked during gameplay. Kylin offer a variety of card sleeve sizes and materials to meet your customers' card protection needs.

Here are some common accessories procurement services that Kylin provide:

Game mats
Game mats provide a surface for gameplay and protect the table or playing area from scratches or damage. Kylin offer a selection of game mats in different sizes, materials, and designs to complement your customers' game themes.

Custom inserts and organizers
Custom inserts and organizers help keep game components organized and make setup and cleanup easier. Kylin offer customized inserts and organizers made from materials such as foam or plastic to fit your customers' game boxes and components.

Replacement parts
Over time, game components may become lost or damaged. Kylin offer replacement parts such as tokens, scorecards, or game boards to help your customers keep their games complete and functional.

Accessories bundles
Kylin offer accessories bundles that include a selection of commonly used game accessories, such as dice, card sleeves, and game mats, at a discounted price. Bundles can help your customers save money and simplify their shopping experience.