Kickstarter & Indiegogo Client

Customized crowdfunding board games can be a great way to fund your project and engage your supporters. However, there are some potential problems you may encounter with this approach. Here are a few:

Game development
Kylin offer game development services, which can help you refine your game mechanics, design, and overall concept. They may work with you to create game rules, test game play, and provide feedback on how to improve your game.

Production and manufacturing
Kylin can produce and manufacture your game components, including boards, cards, game pieces, and boxes.
They can help you choose the right materials and finishes for your game, and ensure that your game components are of high quality and meet your specifications.

Kylin provides one-stop service from consultation, design, price verification, proofing to production. If you want to make a boardgame that sells on the crowdfunding platform, Kylin can solve all problems.We also provide friendly payment methods to help you start your business easily.

1. Limited Funding
2. Production Delays
3. Quality Control
4. Intellectual Property Issues
5. Shipping and Fulfillment

To mitigate these risks, it's important to plan carefully, communicate clearly with your supporters, and work with experienced professionals at every stage of the production process.

Packaging and shipping
Once your game is produced, board game manufacturers can also provide packaging and shipping services.
They can help you design and print packaging materials, and handle the logistics of shipping your game to your customers or distribution center.

Storage and fulfillment
Kylin also offer storage and fulfillment services.
They can store your game components and manage orders for you, ensuring that your games are shipped to customers quickly and efficiently.

Customization options
Kylin can also offer customization options for your game components, such as adding foil stamping, embossing, or custom shapes to your game pieces or cards.
They can help you create unique and eye-catching game components that stand out from the competition.

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Value-added services

Real videos and photos during proofing and production can help you achieve better success in crowdfunding.Kylin will provide additional services for new cooperative Kickstarter & Indiegogo Client.

Fulfillment service: 
We can assist in shipping individual games to your customers worldwide.
Production updates: 
We can provide production photos and videos for updates on your Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaign.
Complimentary sample: 
If you agree to include our company name "Made by Kylin" on your box, we can create a free sample for you.

Deluxe upgrades: 
We offer unique component upgrades for deluxe versions, such as replacing standard wooden meeples with metal meeples.
Customization support:
If you have specific areas of your game that are particularly important, we can explore ways to enhance and differentiate these elements further.  
Image Processing
We have a professional design team that can assist you with game design, product photography, and videography.