SDJ board game award newsflash. The German Game of the Year 2022 turned out to be it!


No nonsense, just get to it.

The SDJ Black Label Award goes to



Living Forest!


The CMON agent's light-strategy DBG board game was recently crowdfunded.

Living Forest is the first board game designed by designer Aske Christiansen. In a brief interview, Aske mentioned that the design inspiration came from Studio Ghibli's movie Princess Mononoke, which is one of his favorite movies, and the theme of the game was finalized because of his love for the magical and wonderful nature. (This was also mentioned in previous designer diaries.)


Some time ago, all of us experienced this "gambling dog DBG" in several rounds. The evaluation is almost good, but once considering the SDJ selection, the physical feeling is still a little worse than winning the award. (the day before yesterday's super subjective prediction is written ~) SDJ super subjective prediction! 

My personal love for Living Forest is more about a kind of sustenance. There is a certain threshold for the fun of DBG. I personally think that Living Forest actually lowers the threshold while retaining the fun when DBG's construction ideas are achieved. I admire it very much.


The expected SDJ Award (annual game award) winner is



Almost without suspense, CASCADIA won the yearly SDJ award. Simple and understandable rules of the game, magnificent and wonderful natural hiking. CASCADIA was overwhelmingly acclaimed.

I believe that no one can refuse to build a natural ecological area with excellent visual effect in such a simple way. 



The strategic thinking about regional planning in the game stops at a just right position, it is easy to learn but difficult to master, and the changes are endless.

We play this game a lot on weekdays, and the age distribution of players who experience in the store is even.

A great game for all ages.

The theme of nature, without a doubt, is the biggest winner of tonight's awards ceremony.

It's mysterious, beautiful, and everywhere.

It is a rare experience to be able to make a corner of the natural wonders appear on the desktop.

Looking forward to 

more excellent works on natural themes.